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In Florida there is no rescission period for new homes.  Florida Statute 718.503 does provide a 15 day rescission period for new condominium buyers and 3 days for resale condominiums.

New home builders do not sell new homes or new condominiums to buyers who are not represented by Florida Buyer Broker for less money.  Real estate commissions to all cooperating real estate licensees are already included in the price of the new properties.  It is important for new homes and new condominiums to appraise consistently.  There are many new developments in Southwest Florida.  Builders need real estate brokers to bring their buyers to their developments.  Many builders list their new homes and developments in real estate data base listing services.  The builder may give incentives to buyers to generate more sales. Those incentives have nothing to do with whether there is a real estate broker helping the buyer.

Some builders offer price reductions and incentives when they are  trying to make quotas to sell new homes that are completely finished.  New homes which are finished are called spec homes, because the builder had built them speculating that a buyer will buy the home when it is finished.    Builders price increases are dependent upon the number of sales they are making as well as the increased cost of construction which is passed on to the buyer.  Try to schedule your trip to shop new homes in the middle of the month.  Most price increase and incentives change the 1st of the month.

Beverly Howe, Florida Buyer Broker suggest any new home buyer consider whether they are qualified for the  Florida building process.

 3 requirements for Florida new home buyers:

1.  A strong marriage.

2.  A strong heart.

3.  The patience of a Saint.


All builder contracts say:  You cannot rely upon the verbal representations made by their agents or representatives.  Builders’ new construction contracts may have 50 to 100 or more pages.  Beverly Howe, Florida Buyer Broker, knows what questions to ask when accompanying her buyer clients to the builder or development.  With a new home purchase the buyer does not usually get an opportunity for an attorney review until after they sign the legally binding contract an provide deposit money.  Builder’s contracts are written to, by and for the builder’s best interest and can not be changed, regardless of what an attorney might suggest to a buyer.  An attorney review does not change your legal obligation to purchase the new property or assure you of any return of your deposit once you have signed the contract.  Not understanding what you are signing before you purchase a new property or if an important clause in the contract is overlooked in the explanation by the builders representative,  could be costly to the new home or condo buyer. 

Often,  buyers are is pressured by the builders representative to make their offer on a new home or new condominium when lot selections are limited, pricing changes are pending or incentives are expiring.  The ability to make a quick purchase decision to buy new construction based upon the high level of trust and market expertise which is offered to Florida Buyer Broker buyer clients can save the buyers thousands!

Florida Buyer Broker  provides information to advise and assist buyer clients in achieving their desired results with  a new home purchase. 

Florida Buyer Broker offers the following services to buyer clients:

Request information from builders representatives prior to buyers arrival to area. 

Pre-registration does not mean the buyer should go to the site without Florida Buyer Broker.  It is important for Beverly Howe to accompany the buyer client to the builders site for ALL discussions. 

Representations made by the builders representatives cannot be relied upon.

Information on builder incentive programs

Builder reputation and recent local experience with builders

Communication enhancement with builder and other vendors 

Aid in coordinating final punch list and walk thru inspection prior to closing

Assist in closing coordination

Florida Buyer Broker may offer information on new construction regarding:

Choosing the right development which best meets the buyer clients criteria

Home Site Selection (Example: Most buyers do not consider details like whether a lot might have headlights from cars at night shining through a front bedroom of their home!)

Floor Plans


Title Company or Attorney

New Construction Inspectors



Other Vendors

New Home Buyer Recommendation:  

Dear Beverly,

Since closing on our house in Ava Maria, Florida a few weeks ago, we still can’t quite believe that we finally own a home in “Paradise.”  It has been a dream of ours, but we could never have turned that dream into reality without you.  Building a home from long distance is intimidating, even for people like us who have built before.  When we found your website just before we flew to Florida last June on a house hunting trip, it was a gift from above.  We contacted you on such short notice, only a day or two before our trip, but you were so accommodating and generous in arranging time for us.  We knew we were in good hands right from our first meeting.

We can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done for us.  You certainly know your business:  from your helpful information packet, to your exceptional knowledge of the Naples area, your recommendations for local insurance and title companies, and all the tidbits of information you shared with us throughout our buying journey.  You arranged and advanced appointments for us at the builder’s design center so that we could study the design options before we had to make choices; that was huge!  You were right there with us at every step of the contract process, explaining the technical language and giving us good advice.  You were our advocate throughout the construction process, kept in constant contact with the builder, and smoothed over several issues for us, never hesitating to jump in on our behalf.  It was wonderful having you on our side, to look out for our interest while we were living 1200 miles away.

And now we have our beautiful home in Paradise!  We can’t thank you enough for your professionalism, thoughtfulness, generosity with your time, and patience in working with us.  Your love of Naples area and your professional enthusiasm shine through.  We are more than happy to recommend you to anyone who is thinking of buying a home in Southwest Florida.      Al and Joanne

“The most important thing a buyer can do is first of all work with a buyer broker.”

As stated by AARP and the Consumer Federation of America in REALTOR® NEWS

Florida Buyer Broker is licensed to sell real estate in  Florida, USA.

There is NEVER a conflict of interest between the buyer and the seller when the buyer chooses to work with Florida Buyer Broker.  A single agency buyers ONLY real estate office, serving buyers with integrity, loyalty, honesty, skill and expertise. 

Beverly Howe, buyer broker relationship with buyers is always Single Agency representing buyer’s only.  Her buyer clients receive undivided loyalty throughout the real estate transaction.  See Fiduciary Duties required by Florida Law and Brokerage Relationships , Buyer Agent Disclosure for more information.

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Beverly Howe, Buyer Broker/Owner, Florida Buyer Broker has an outstanding reputation cooperating with other agents and brokers Florida.

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