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Get the Buyer’s Advantage before you buy Florida real estate.  Beverly Howe is one of Florida’s Top Buyer Broker and owner of Florida Buyer Broker.

 The most important thing a buyer can  do is first of all  work with a buyer broker.”

As stated by AARP and the Consumer Federation of America from  REALTOR® News

 The #1 mistake Florida buyers make is to assume a real estate licensee represents them as a buyer’s agent!

This website focuses on helping buyers understand the challenges of purchasing Florida real estate and explains the duties of Florida Buyer Broker. 

When you are going to make one of the most significant financial investments in your life … Ask Beverly Howe, to buy Florida real estate with Florida Buyer Broker, first!

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Beverly Howe, the owner and buyer broker of Florida Buyer Broker.  Beverly is a Florida real estate career professional with decades of real estate experience as an exclusive buyer broker.  She is one of the few Master Certified Negotiation Experts (MCNE) in the US and a 1031 Exchange Specialist.  Beverly will help you find the best property and negotiate the best price and terms for you.

Florida Buyer Broker  helps the buyer evaluate the asking price of Florida real estate.

The value a property has to a buyer depends upon each individual buyer’s needs.   This includes all aspects of the cost of ownership including location, location, location.  Florida Buyer Broker helps buyers find the best property suited to the buyers wants and needs.

Florida’s 2023 property inventory offers many new homes for sale in new developments.  There is large and growing inventory of resale single family homes, and high rise condominiums.  Investors will benefit from her 1031 Exchange specialist expertise.

Beverly Howe, Florida Buyer Broker, has extensive knowledge of Florida geographical areas and the Florida real estate buying process. 

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Please read the important information below about Florida real estate broker relationships. 

What is a Buyer Broker?

In Florida real estate transactions only a buyer broker can legally negotiate for the lowest price and best terms for the buyers. 

Florida Buyer Broker takes care of the buyers’ best interest throughout the purchase process.  Only working with a buyer broker will your financial status and motivation to buy remain confidential.  Florida Buyer Broker always takes the buyer’s side of the real estate purchase transaction. 

Florida Statutes 475.278, says there are 9 Fiduciary duties Florida Buyer Broker owes to buyer clients.  Honesty, Loyalty, Confidentiality, Obedience, Full Disclosure, Accounting of all Funds, Skill, Care and Diligence, Presenting all offers, Disclosing all known facts that materially affect the value of residential real property and are not readily observable.

Florida Buyer Broker is a real estate buyer broker offering Single Agency, services to buyers only.  

What does Single Agency mean in Florida real estate?

Single Agency means the real estate office and broker intend to represent either the buyer or the seller exclusively.  The broker never represents both in the same property sale.

Only a Single Agency firm like Florida Buyer Broker can guarantee the buyer they will receive ALL 9 fiduciary duties owed  Florida buyers who are seeking true private client relationships. 

The Single Agent Notice,   is a mandatory disclosure which establishes the buyer broker relationship and must be presented to the buyer before showing a property. The disclosure is required by Florida Law, it has specific wording and it is not a Buyer Broker Agreement or Contract.  It obligates the buyer broker and their buyer agents to represent ONLY the buyer.  It does NOT obligate a buyer to do anything. 

Why should a buyer work with a buyer brokerage?

Single Agency real estate buyer brokers have LIABILITY in the real estate property sale.  Transaction brokers have limited liability.

What is the difference between a Buyer Broker and a Buyer Agent?

Buyer agents work under the supervision of the buyer broker.  The buyer broker is fully liable for all the buyer agents in their office.  T

This website focuses on helping buyers understand the challenges of purchasing Florida real estate and explains the duties of Florida Buyer Broker. 

What is the difference between a real estate team and a real estate brokerage?

Real estate teams have 2 or more licensees working together.  Often, one person will list the property and the another person works with the buyer.  The buyer specialist may show properties, but may not actually be the buyer’s agent. Unless the buyer specialist discloses in writing with the Single Agent Notice, they would be a transaction associate who does not represent the buyer exclusively.

To avoid misleading the public, Teams must  include the brokerage company name they work for in their advertising.

When must a buyers agent disclose to the buyer?

At the first meeting or before showing a property the buyers agent must give written disclosure. See Broker Relationships for more information. 

Florida Buyer Broker provides services to the buyer when they sign the  Single Agent Notice required by Florida real estate laws for buyer brokers. 

Who pays Florida Buyer Broker commission?

With the seller’s permission, the sellers listing broker agree to pay a share of the real estate commission received from the seller with buyer brokers.

The reason the seller pays the buyer broker is because most lenders do not allow the buyer broker commission to be financed into the price of the home.  They DO allow the seller’s broker commission to be included into the listing price of the home.

The sellers’ listing agreement typically has an agreed upon share of the commission to be paid to the buyer broker.  

Florida Buyer Broker fees are negotiable.  See the Buyer Broker Fee structure page.     

Builders compensate buyer brokers to help buyers with the new home purchase.  Buyers do not get a property for less by going to the builder without a buyer broker.  Builder’s contracts have pre-written paragraphs to compensate buyer brokers.  Builders know buyer agents often help buyers with the new home selection and purchase process. 

Florida Buyer Broker earns the buyers loyalty and accepts the commission offered by the seller, the seller’s broker or the builder as compensation to represent the buyer with the sale.

Seller’s agents and builders are confident when Florida Buyer Broker guides the buyers’ side of the transaction smoothly and professionally as their buyer broker.

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What is a Florida real estate Transaction Broker?

Florida real estate law FL Statutes 475.278 assumes ALL brokers are transaction brokers and the real estate licensees who work for them are transaction associates. 

Transaction Brokers do not represent the buyer or the seller exclusively.  They have limited liability.  The broker and their transaction associates are NOT required to disclose anything to the buyer in writing.

Transaction brokers and their agents are NOT supposed to negotiate in the favor of the buyer or the seller.  When a buyer agrees to work with a transaction broker, they give up undivided loyalty and confidentiality of the transaction associate.

How do you know if a real estate agent is working for your best interest or the seller?

Most Florida real estate offices in Florida DO NOT offer Single Agency to buyers because they list seller’s property for sale.  When representing only the buyer the buyer broker is required to disclose in writing by giving the buyer a Single Agent Notice  This must be done before showing a property or before the first meeting.  It is the ONLY way a Florida buyer can be sure they will be represented in the sale.

Many Florida real estate offices have 500 or more licensees working under the broker.  These large companies do not want the liability that goes along with representing hundreds of buyers and sellers. They are called Transaction Brokers and have limited liability.  Transaction associates often say, “I can’t say.”  When you ask them a question that would be detrimental to the seller or to the buyer. 

In Florida real estate Transaction brokers can switch from representing buyers to transaction brokers who not longer represents the buyer.

A transaction associate often ask the buyer to sign a Single Agent Notice and at the same time a  Transaction Broker Disclosure.  

Transaction Brokerage is NOT Dual Agency.  Dual agency is when the broker represents the buyer and the seller at the same time.  Dual Agency is illegal in the State of Florida. 

Some Florida real estate offices may require a written Buyer Broker  Agreement or Contract.  A Transaction Broker can require a buyer to sign a Buyer Broker Agreement or Contract.  In which case a  Single Agent Notice  Disclosure is included with the Buyer Broker Agreement or Contract, and a Transaction Broker Disclosure is also included.  The broker can then switch back and forth from representing the buyer on other companies’ listings to no longer representing the buyer on their company listings. 

By switching back and forth the buyer agent or transaction associate can obtain considerable financial information and motivation to buy from the buyer.  This creates a greater potential to accidently breach the buyers confidentiality on the brokers office listings.  This is why some real estate brokers do not allow their associates to represent buyers with the Single Agent Notice in Florida. 

Florida Buyer Broker will never ask you to change your buyer broker relationship with them to transaction broker.

With Florida Buyer Broker There is NEVER a bait and switch from Single Agency to Transaction Brokerage.

What is a Buyer Broker Agreement or Buyer Broker Contract?In Florida real estate a Buyer Broker Agreement or Contract is NOT the written document which assures the buyer they will be represented exclusively by the broker.  It is ONLY the Single Agent Notice DISCLOSURE which gives the buyer written assurance they will be represented exclusively by the buyer broker and their buyer agents.

Florida Buyer Broker does not use a buyer broker agreement or contract.

And there is no retainer fee or administration fee for Florida Buyer Broker  services.  Other offices may require a written Buyer Broker Contract and retainer or administrative fees.

Buyer Broker Agreements or Contracts are written to protect the real estate broker.   They usually state a minimum commission to be received by the buyer broker, which may be obtained from the sellers listing broker. 

Sometimes the commission amount paid by the listing office or seller to buyer brokers is less than the amount agreed upon between the buyer and buyer broker in the Buyer Broker Agreement or Contract.  Consequently, the buyers with Buyer Broker Agreements will pay the difference per their contract with the broker. 

Why Florida Buyer Broker does not use a Buyer Broker Agreement or Contract.

Florida Buyer Broker duties are spelled out in the Single Agent Notice disclosure.  The disclosure is not a contract, when it is signed by the buyer it commits  Florida Buyer Broker to work exclusively on the buyers behalf in the real estate transaction.  I does not commit the buyer to anything.  Florida Buyer Broker ask our buyers for what we give; honesty, integrity and loyalty from the buyer in return. 

Florida real estate Buyer Broker Agreements may not include a commitment for exclusive representation from a broker. 

The buyer broker contract does not guarantee the buyer exclusive representation in Florida. Why should a buyer commit to paying additional fees when the seller’s agent  is agreeing to pay a portion of their fee to the buyers agent? How much time will it take to find the right property?  Why limit the time it takes to finding a property by pressuring the buyer to make such an important decision based on a time limit given in a Buyer Broker Agreement?  

Does Florida real estate allow a buyer to cancel a buyer broker agreement?

Unless the buyer has a completed and signed purchase agreement with a seller, there is usually nothing to keep the buyer tied to a Buyer Broker Agreement.   Some buyer brokers may require a retainer or administrative fee that is paid up front and would not be refundable, should the buyer cancel the Buyer Broker Agreement. 

Florida Buyer Broker does not ask for retainer or administrative fees from buyers, other offices may. 

When a buyer decides they no longer want to work with a broker or agent, they are not going to work with them.  Regardless of any signed agreement no one can force a buyer to buy a property based on a Buyer Broker Agreement.  The agreement is only a way for the broker to try to enforce payment or additional payment from a buyer to the broker. 

Florida Buyer Broker likes to get paid, but we don’t want to commit the buyer to something that is unfair to any party to the sale.

Buyers are entitled to be told what the commission offered to the buyer’s broker is BEFORE they make an offer on a property. All commissions are negotiable up until the buyer and seller sign a contract for sale.

At the time a buyer wants to begin negotiations on a property, negotiations involving commissions to the brokers are not uncommon.  It is in the best interest of all parties to include the commission amount in the purchase contract and who will be paying the commissions to which brokers.  

For more information about Florida real estate commissions see the page on Who Pays the Buyer Agent Commission?

To put it simply, when it comes to commissions, sellers’ agents don’t get paid anything until the property is sold.  Buyers brokers don’t get paid anything until the buyer closes the sale on a property.

Real estate transactions are based on the good-faith, honesty and integrity of all parties involved in the transaction. 

What is an Accredited Buyer’s Representative?

Accredited Buyers’ Representative (ABR) is a class taught by the REALTOR® organization.  They may also list seller’s properties and may need to switch  from a buyer’s agent to a transaction associate who can no longer represent the buyer.  

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Beverly Howe, Florida Buyer Broker is a full time career real estate professional with several decades of real estate knowledge to assist real estate buyers.  She helps you find and negotiate to purchase the best homes, condominiums, new or resale properties.  Including first time home buyers, luxury estate homes, high rise condominiums, vacation resort properties, new construction, 1031 Exchanges, investment properties, relocating retirees, international buyers and Hometown Heroes

Beverly HoweFlorida Buyer Broker, is friendly and loves to talk to buyers about their Florida real estate goals.

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