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9 Fiduciary Duties owed to buyers by Florida Buyer Broker

A fiduciary is a person held in a position of trust and confidence.  Florida Buyer Broker owes Single Agent fiduciary duties to our private buyer clients.  The State of Florida requires any real estate business working as a fiduciary to a buyer to provide the Single Agent Notice.  A disclosure stating the 9 fiduciary duties required by a Florida real estate broker who represents a buyer.  Those duties are as follows: 

1.  Confidentiality 

An exclusive buyer’s broker fiduciary duties include withholding the financial status of the buyer from the seller and his agent.  The seller’s agent must tell the seller all pertinent information he has about the buyer.

2.  Loyalty

An exclusive buyer’s broker fiduciary duties obligate the buyer’s broker to act at all times in the best interest of the buyer client, to the exclusion of all other interest including his or her own.

3.  Obedience

An exclusive buyer’s broker fiduciary duties obligate the buyer’s broker to obey promptly and efficiently all lawful instructions on behalf of the buyer client.

4. Honestly and fairly

An exclusive buyer’s broker fiduciary duties require the buyer’s broker to deal honestly and fairly with all parties to the transaction.

5.  Accounting 

An exclusive buyer’s broker must account for all entrusted funds.

6. Full Disclosure 

An exclusive buyer’s broker must make full disclosure. 

7.  Skill, care, and diligence 

An exclusive buyer’s broker fiduciary duties require the buyer’s broker to perform with a higher standard of care concerning the private buyer client.

8.  Presenting all offers and counteroffers 

An exclusive buyer broker fiduciary duties include presenting the private buyer clients’ offer  to  the seller or seller’s agent in a timely manner.  Except when the seller has directed their agent otherwise in writing not to present all offers.  The seller may have agreed with his agent not to bring any offers under a specific price.

9.  Disclosing all known facts

An exclusive buyer broker fiduciary duties require the exclusive buyer broker to disclose all facts they know about the property and seller to the private buyer client, pertaining to the buyer’s decision to purchase property. 

Florida Buyer Brokers’ fiduciary is always to the buyer. 

“The most important thing a buyer can do is first of all work with a buyer broker.”

As stated by AARP and the Consumer Federation of America in REALTOR® NEWS

Florida Buyer Broker is licensed to sell real estate in  Florida, USA.

There is NEVER a conflict of interest between the buyer and the seller when the buyer chooses to work with Florida Buyer Broker.  

Beverly Howe, Florida Buyer Broker relationship with buyers is always Single Agency representing buyers only.  Her buyer clients receive undivided loyalty, integrity, honesty, skill and expertise,  throughout the real estate buying process.  

For more information see Brokerage Relationships,  and Single Agent Notice .

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