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Florida flood Insurance Policies 

Florida flood insurance policies are purchased separately from homeowners policy.  Some flood insurance companies are requiring property owners to include flood policies with their homeowners policy. 

Buyer Beware: In Florida there is no written disclosure requirement regarding flood damage to a property.

Flood insurance rates paid by the  current owner or seller of a property are not likely to be the same rates paid by the new homeowner. 

Obtain a quote from an insurance agent for homeowners and flood insurance prior to making an offer to purchase a property in Florida.

It is important for buyers purchasing real estate in Florida to know whether the property they want to buy is located in a high risk flood area.

After hurricane Ian several changes made to flood insurance which impacts homeowners.  And homes in higher price ranges will have to carry flood insurance.    State of Florida, also nick named the “insurer of last resort,” will require all  policy holders in the future to carry flood insurance regardless of the flood zone where properties are located. 

Some significant changes impacted the cost of homeowners and flood insurance.

The best explanation of those changes are explained in this video prepared by Wright Flood narrated by Dolores Glass, Communications Manager.   Understand the Basics of 2012 Flood Reform Laws

The most recent Flood Insurance Update from FEMA provides guidance to changes of Biggert Waters (BW12) resulting from the Homeowners Affordability Act of 2014 (HFIAA).  The act was signed by the president on March 21, 2014.

For more information about Flood Insurance you can visit www.Floodsmart.gov or www.FEMA.gov

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